Liposuction is a procedure that offers patients a way to lose stubborn excess fat that diet or exercise cannot. It is used to re-contour the body and give a more slender and balanced body shape.

It can be successfully used on many body areas including stomach, buttocks, waist, calves, arms and even the face in conjunction with a face lift. Compared with traditional cosmetic techniques for fat reduction, Liposuction is quicker and less intrusive, with a short recovery time span (just a few days), and minimal scarring.

Prior to surgery Doctor Pat will consult with prospective patients, to determine expectations and to explain the procedure, including possible after-effects. This will also help the Doctor assess the patients’ suitability for Liposuction Surgery, and advice on likely results

The procedure is carried out under local anesthetic with sedation, meaning that the patient sleeps throughout the operation but recovery time is fast. The Doctor makes small incisions in the designated areas and injects a saline solution containing local anesthetic and medications designed to break up the fat deposits. Also, the fluid injection helps reduce post-operative pain and swelling. He then inserts a thin suction tube (cannula) into the fatty area, loosens fat deposits and precisely sculpts the region into the desired proportions. The excess fat deposits are removed with a powerful vacuum attached to the cannula.

Following the treatment patients can return to their place of residence. Mild pain and discomfort may be experienced post-operation, for which prescription pain medication can be used.  Some degree of swelling and possible bruising can be expected, but this is only temporary.

Before-After photos